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​Best Place to Buy High-End Cigars Online

​Best Place to Buy High-End Cigars Online

Posted by Leah Roberts on 1st Jun 2019

Having a cigar in one hand and a glass of bourbon in the other, after a long tiring week, is the best relaxing experience you can get. 

With a busy life, having one of those occasions of sharing a cigar with your friends or family and enjoying good conversation is hard to come by. And for those rare moments, you want to indulge yourself with a flavorful, flawlessly wrapped and quality cigar, is where you can turn to.

Knowing which one to buy, where to buy from and especially what to look for when purchasing your favorite cigars is of utmost importance. 

If you are a novice in this area then you need help from cigar connoisseurs! Benefit from their knowledge and expertise. 

In the online cigar business, it will be hard to find a Mardo Cigars equivalent.

Let’s dive in and take a look at all the insightful details about the most popular cigars around the world and where to buy them from.

Buy Your Robusto from Mardo Cigars Online

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or even a beginner, Robusto is always a fan favorite. 

If your preferred online cigar stores don’t sell quality Robusto cigars then it’s time to change your seller.

When it comes to delivering the truest flavor to what the tobacco producer intended, Robusto comes first. 

Robustos are also known for being the shortest member in the cigar family. 

If you are just a beginner then the size of this will be comfortable for you to smoke. And Mardo Cigars online provides their customers with the most authentic and flavored Robusto cigars than any other online cigar retailers.

Get Your Corona Online

Coronas are well known as being the golden standard of cigars as they offer a wide range of flavor. Typically Coronas are about 5.5-6 inches long with 42 ring gauge.

Coronas are world famous for their intense flavors that come from the tobacco wrapper. 

And the secret of this intense flavor lies in the smaller ring of the gauge. Though Coronas are most popular for their range of flavors, they are also well-known for offering a light smoke. 

So if you are a novice in this area then going with a Corona is always a comfortable option.

Mardo Cigars online offer a huge range of Coronas. 

From broadleaf to San Andres, or even Ecuadorian Habano, Mardo provides Coronas with almost every type of wrapper. So next time you are buying a pack of flavor-packed Coronas, don’t forget to visit our selection.

Purchase Your Favorite Lonsdale from Mardo Cigars

Lonsdale cigars are quite similar to Coronas in terms of strength. 

They also tend to have a light and flavorful smoke. They are almost of the same diameter as Coronas, around 6-6.5 inches long. So if you prefer a longer and more flavor-packed smoke, then Lonsdale is the perfect cigar for you. 

These babies will last at least 1 hour in one sitting.

Lonsdale cigars are intended for connoisseurs who prefer the flavor complexity of a longer smoke. 

Keeping this in mind, Mardo Cigars online offers a wide range of brand for Lonsdale cigars as they sometimes vary from brand to brand. 

Before making a purchasing decision, definitely check out our huge collection of Lonsdale cigars.

Choose Your Churchill from a Reputable Online Retailer

This cigar is named after the famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill

If you tell anyone that your preferred cigar is Churchill then they will immediately consider you to be a classic cigar aficionado. 

Churchill is no joke. They are serious cigars for serious smokers.

Typically Churchill is 7 inches long with a ring gauge of 47. So obviously they are made for people who prefers a longer smoke.

It also has an extra inch on the Toro which gives the cigar more time to heat and season the filler tobacco. Thus, the flavor of Churchill becomes more complex and gives off a more heavy and thick smoke.

To keep up with the cigar aficionado's preference, offers a versatile collection of Churchill's from almost every cigar brand out there. 

So pay a visit to our Churchill cigars online to get a second opinion before you buy your Churchill from any club or lounge.

Pick Your Favorite Panatela

Among the cigar family, Panatela is quite unique. 

This cigar is not only longer than most other cigars but also skinnier than other varietals. 

The ring gauge of Panatela is only 34-35. Other than being a slimmer type of cigar, Panatela tends to have a smoother burn and taste. And like most long vitolas, Panatela has a cooler burn.

Due to the length, Panatela has become the favorite accessory for cigar connoisseurs. 

It takes almost two hours to finish a Panatela in one sitting. It’s also considered that Panatela has different phases of smoke. This means that you can experience different textures, aromas, and flavor as you burn it down.

Because of its smoother burn and taste, only a unique group of cigar lovers prefer this cigar. 

And to satisfy these clients, Mardo Cigars online provides the most authentic and flavorful Panatela from different brands and origin.

Enjoy Belicoso from Mardo Cigars online:

If slimmer cigars are not your type then Belicosos are all you need. 

They are a thicker cigar in the cigar family with a ring gauge between 48-54. They generally have a sharply tapered head and are around 5-6.5 inches long.

Belicosos are called the mobster cigars in the cigar genre. 

With their conical shaped head and thick structure, they live up to the name. Belicosos are no game for novice smokers. 

They have a high concentration of smoke with a cool draw and takes almost an hour to finish one.

Most Belicosos of Mardo Cigars online are from the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. So if you purchase Belicosos from us, then you can rest assured that you are going to get a good deal.

We hope we were able to help you to pick out the best cigar from the best online cigar store, so that you can enjoy the finest tobacco products known to man.