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Best Mild Cigars For Beginners

Best Mild Cigars For Beginners

Posted by Tyler Enos on 19th Aug 2019

Best Mild Cigars for Beginners│Mardo Cigars

What's up everybody. This is Neil with Mardo Cigars and you're watching Mondays with Mardo's.

I got a question for everybody out there. Do you ever walk into a humidor and you have absolutely no idea what cigar to pick? Well, that's exactly what this video is all about. Watch until the end, I'm going to give you five great cigars that you guys just have to try. We are so glad you landed on our channel. We talk about everything cigars. So you guys got to make sure you subscribe, hit the bell to be notified because we come out with new videos every Monday.

Five Cigars that will not Disappoint

So if you're paralyzed when you walk into a humidor you're now going to have five go-to mild cigars that will not disappoint. We've been at this for over 30 years throughout our family. We've traveled the world, blended cigars, been selling cigars, been obsessed with the cigar industry for decades. So now you guys get to take advantage of our experience and put it to use in your own lives.

The Cigars

So number one on this list is the Jake Wyatt Appendix II. Now take a look at this thing. The craftsmanship and the artistry is off the charts. The accents they put on this thing are unbelievable. It's an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and it's unbelievably creamy, smooth, and buttery from start to finish. Now, once I got into the first third of this thing, oh my gosh, I could not believe how good this thing was. Now, one thing I cannot stand in an Ecuadorian Connecticut or a mild shaded cigar is when you really have that hay-like grassy vibe when you're smoking these cigars. So a lot of these guys really have learned their craft and learned how to really blend a creamy, buttery smooth stick that just doesn't disappoint. And this sucker is right at the top of the list. So check this thing out. I know it's going to be released at the end of August, first couple weeks in September, and they've been working on it for months. So this is definitely on this list and I can't wait for you guys to give it a try.

So number two on the list is the Cubo Claro by Dapper Cigars. The band on this thing is exquisite. It's beautiful. But more importantly than that is the flavors of this cigar. It's off the charts. Now let me tell you a little bit of the backstory. So we were just out at the 2019 IPCPR show in Las Vegas and we were introduced to Dapper Cigars through a buddy of ours and we got to meet the owner. His name is Ian Reith and what a solid dude this guy is. What an unbelievable gentleman and informative like you couldn't imagine. He is absolutely obsessed with the cigar space, loves making quality cigars and is one of the humblest guys you'd ever want to come across. He was giving credit to all the people that helped him to get him to where he was at. And then he gave us samples of his cigars and this stick right here became one of my instant favorites.

Now it's a mild to medium cigar. It's got that Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and the flavor on this thing is unbelievable. So it's got that really earth nutty vibe. The retro brings that back down through and you get all of that coming back down through your nose. That is just something you have to try. So the Cubo Claro by Dapper Cigars is on the top of this list and guys like this is who I root for that run a great company and are solid people. And on top of it he makes a hell of a great cigar. So make sure you give it a shot.

So third on this list is by Dunbarton the Sobremesa Brulee. Now this sucker is absolutely beautiful. It's a Steve Socko special. And as you know, he generally makes medium to full bodied sticks and he came out for all of us that love this lighter shaded stuff and he made us all a mild stick called the Brulee.

Now the Brulee is the perfect name for this. So we were sampling it yesterday and oh my goodness. It is exactly, well, to explain it as brulee is perfect. It tastes like creme brulee. It's got that touch of toastiness on the end coupled with the very sweet vibes coming through. It's got that creaminess to it and again from start to finish, you don't want to put this sucker down. It does not have that grass hay like vibe that I was telling you about. And it's something that will be enjoyed for sure. Now if you can find this, it's a very rare find and they don't stay on the shelves for very long. But his first batch just came out. We definitely have them and you got to check them out for sure. More will be coming but definitely makes this list for sure. Something you definitely got to try.

Now fourth on this list is a cigar called Back2Back, it's made by Davidoff. Now look at the foot on this thing. Now a couple of these guys were street artists out of New York City and came on board with Davidoff to do some revamping on some of the Zino Platinum lines. And Davidoff gave them their own line and it's called Back2Back by URNY which is you are New York. The boxes on these things are a instant collectible. Everyone's got to check them out. But more importantly than that is this stick. It comes in three sizes, the 5" x 50, the 6" x 60 like this one right here, and the big guy, the 7" x 70.

I tried this stick and again I could not believe how good it was. But more importantly than that, it does not break the bank, which is shocking for a Davidoff made stick. Generally they're a little bit higher on the price point, but this thing is right in the wheelhouse for all of us that love to enjoy a good cigar for a great price. So this is something you've got to try. It's mild throughout. It's definitely creamy. Got that buttery vibe like Davidoffs genuinely do and it's a mild little over mild type stick. Enjoy this from start to finish and really check the artistry out on these guys. It's very cool. Love to support companies like this and especially when the price point is just where it needs to be. So Back2Back made this list, make sure you guys enjoy it.

And number five on this list is by Casdagli cigars and it's called the Club Mareva. And this thing right here is as smooth as one can imagine. Now Club Mareva stands for corona or means corona in Spanish, the word Mareva, and they only comes in corona sizes.

Now their master blender retired in the mid nineties and they moved everything over with Hendrik Kelner Jr. And now he's been blending Bespoke slash Casdagli cigars now for quite some time and they do not disappoint. So we smoked this thing and oh my goodness, it was just unbelievable from start to finish. It's something you guys got to definitely try. It's got that earthy, creamy vibe throughout and you do not want to put this thing down. It definitely carries the kind of notes that you come to know for a Hendrik Kelner type stick and you guys will definitely love it. So stay tuned for this one as well.

Come Join Us

So now you won't have to be a deer in the headlights anymore. You're going to have five go to mild cigars that will not disappoint. So take advantage of it. So if you want to join a group of people like you and me who love the cigar space, let us help you navigate this sometimes tricky world because it's nuts out there.

Final Thoughts

We've gone all over the world, and are going to continue to go all over the world and we're going to find the greatest cigars possible to bring to you guys. Whether it's a small batch boutique, small company or one of the big conglomerates, there's so many great cigars out there and we definitely want to do everything we can to bring that information to you.

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Something for you

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