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Beginner's Guide How to Taste More from a Cigar

Posted by Tyler Enos on 9th Dec 2019

Have you ever had trouble noticing the hints or the flavors of a cigar while you're smoking? It doesn't matter if you're a newcomer to the scene of cigars, or if you're experienced. Today, we have a video that we're going to share our experience, bundled in some tips and some things that can allow you to experience a little bit better of a smoke in your cigar, also to notice those hints and the flavors that I have just mentioned. But before we get started, I need you to click on that subscribe button, and also click on the bell to be notified every single week on Mondays with Mardo's.

Over the years, I've had multiple people ask me, "What are the hints and what are the flavors they should look for in a cigar?" Well, we have a lot of publications out today, from magazines all the way up to vlogs on the internet, and a lot of these reviewers do mention certain type of hints that they taste in cigars. So, I would absolutely recommend reading those and then look for those same exact hints that you'd find in publications. If they say that it has dark chocolate or nutmeg, smoke that and then try to see that for yourself.

Tip Number One

But, first things first, step number one, I'm going to talk about abusing our taste buds. How does that work? Well, we abuse our taste buds throughout the day because we eat a lot of sorts of different foods. It could be candies like cinnamon or a lot of mint, toothpaste, mouthwash.

For instance, remember when you were a kid, you'd brush your teeth and in the morning you go try to drink some orange juice, it just tasted really, really nasty. That's the same case here. If you just brushed your teeth, you use some mouthwash before you go out for the night, and within a half hour you try to smoke a cigar. It's just going to taste really nasty. Cigarette smoking is really bad for your taste buds, having anywhere between three to ten cigarettes a day with all that tar and nicotine and additives that can totally abuse your taste buds. So, what I have done in order to cleanse my palate, especially after eating a heavy meal, something like a lot of steak, then I'm going to finish off with dessert, creme brule, something with a lot of chocolate syrup. All these things are going to coat the inside of my mouth, and smoking a cigar right afterwards, it's going to taste like cardboard.

So what I do is, to cleanse my palate, is I get something hot. Whether it be hot tea or a cup of coffee that's also hot, that's going to cleanse and sear away all that fat content in my mouth. And, for my nasal cavity, also the hot vapors as I'm drinking it, can pass through my nasal cavity and cleanse my nasal cavity because I like to retrohale. Now, if you want to stick to spirits, that also works because alcohol has vapors. So, before you drink your bourbon, you can smell it and let those vapors go into your nasal cavity, clean out your nasal cavity as well as when you drink it, it's going to clear up your throat. So, these are some ways you can open up your taste buds and being able to enjoy a cigar.

Tip Number Two

And another thing is, tip number two, is you want to slow down and you don't really want to puff on a cigar so fast. Right now my next puff is going to be quite a bit of timestamp from the first one. Just like that. You want to puff on it lightly. Don't take too many puffs in between because you get the cherry really, really hot and you get it to hot box and it's just going to get very, very harsh. So, and also, don't forget to breathe. Taking a breath is also going to be cleansing your palate and nasal cavity. Take your time, puff on a cigar lightly and slowly. There's really no rocket science to the second tip, you've got to slow down, not to get the cigar very very hot.

Now here's another important point. When you light the cigar, you don't want to put it right to the flame or the center of the flame. You want it to just kind of like roast. Think about like roasting marshmallows. Take your time, rotate the cigar. As you can see, I lit the cigar and I rotated it. And on a video clip I have a very good example of how to light the cigar. You're just going to roast it, keep let it twisting, keep it turning, and take a puff and then give it a little blow and see what areas are cherry red and what isn't. And you can just touch it up from there.

Tip Number Three

So, we're going to move on, tip number three now. Okay, so the last tip is going to be very simple. It's very repetitive of what we're doing here. The same spirit or the same drink that you had to cleanse your palate in the beginning, you can continue having that drink within your smoke as. As you're smoking a cigar, a lot of times you activate a lot of saliva within your mouth. So, in order to cleanse it, you can have water on board, which I do all the time. I always have a bottle of water to cleanse my palate a little bit, get some of that harshness a little bit away from my throat. If you're drinking coffee and spirit, always take a little bit of sip of that, as I will right now. Just a little sip, swish around your mouth and keep your palate nice and clean and then take another drag of the cigar.

And if you can learn how to retrohale, blowing the smoke out of your nose, will be definitely a huge, huge upside to it. Because, as I've mentioned, we have four taste buds in our mouth but we can smell a thousand different scents. So if you can retrohale, there'll be big upside of it and there are many other videos, how you can retrohale.

What I want to do is I want to see a lot of comments from you guys on how you cleanse your palate and how you can notice hints of cigars. What are some things that you've tried and some tips that you have for other viewers.

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