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Beginners Cigar - How to Retrohale a Cigar

28th Dec 2020

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo. I'm Gerard and today, we have a small video on how to getting you to smoke like a pro. We're going to show you how to retrohale a cigar, but before we get going, I need you click on the subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of a new episode on Monday's with Mardo.

All right, so you're probably wondering what the heck is retrohaling and why am I mentioning it? Retrohaling is when you take a puff of a cigar and you blow the smoke through your nostrils. Now, why would you want to do that? Well, basically, if you want to enhance the cigar flavors within your experience exponentially, you want to retrohale. I'll break it down to you guys why. Within our mouth, we only have four flavors that we can taste, sour, bitter, spicy, and sweet. However, through our nostrils, we can smell all sorts of different scents. That's why it's going to increase the flavor buds within the cigar exponentially, and you're going to have a very, very fun time with it.

Now it's not very easy, but it's also not very, very hard. The reason why it's not easy because it's awkward at first. So one of the best ways to practice is to do a dry run. Basically, I'm going to take a drag of the cigar and I'm going to blow everything through my nose. It's just going to be regular air, but I'm going to use a cigar to basically trick my mind, letting it think it's been burning, so let's go for it. I'll do it again. Take a drag of the cigar.

Now you do not want to inhale. We don't inhale cigars. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to light the cigar and I'm going to demonstrate exactly how it goes. Again, this is going to expand the flavors of this cigar, and you're going to notice a whole lot of different notes. I learned this when I went down to the Dominican Republic at the La Aurora factory, and they walked me through a little mini series of their tobacco university, teaching us a lot about tobacco and things of that nature. I'm running out of juice here.

All right, so usually what we do is we light the cigar. We take a couple of puffs. We let everything simmer within our taste buds, let it settle in a little bit. Blow on it and make sure that we have a good cherry within the cigar and the whole entire circumference of the cigar is lit. So I'm going to go ahead and demonstrate it to you guys. I'm going to do it a couple of times so you can check it out. I notice a whole lot more flavor when I do pass the smoke through my nasal cavity.

Again, like I said, it's not simple, but yet it's not very, very difficult either. It just takes a little bit of practice. Try a couple of dry runs with your cigar, and then therefore, you're going to start noticing a tremendous amount of flavors that you weren't experiencing if you're not retrohaling. That's exactly what I do. I just take a couple of puffs, and before I blow it through my mouth, I just exit everything through my nasal cavity.

Anyways, this is our video, a very short one. Thank you very much for watching. Happy holidays. But before I get going, let me know in the comments, if you're able to retrohale, or if you haven been retrohaling, or if you cannot. We can answer any questions you have. I'm Gerard. I'll see you next week, but remember, we're also on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you guys.