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Beginners Cigar Guide - Cigar Smokers Top 5 Must Haves

30th Nov 2020

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. I'm Gerard and today's episode we're going to talk about the top five must have accessories for a cigar aficionado, but before I begin, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo's.

Number 1

All right. So the first accessory that we're going to talk about and in no order of any rating whatsoever is this list. I say that in every single episode, but we're going to talk about the PerfecDraw. This little tool right here or accessory is a must have. It retails around $30 and I think it's well worth it due to the quality of the material that's being used. This is made here locally in Irvine, California, by a dentist. And I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'm going to say the material on this bad boy is pretty much medical grade because this guy's a dentist and when you feel how sharp these little tiny edges are on this little sphere right here, looking thing, this thing pokes through any cigar perfectly. So with Cuban cigars notoriously being plugged, one of the ways you can ease the draw is by using this perfect drawer right here. And also you can dry box Cuban cigars.

So if you want to know about dry boxing, Google it, and we do have an episode that speaks about that previously. So the PerfecDraw, again, it is $30 and may sound like it's a lot of money for just a little tiny rod, but seeing the material, the grade, I bet you, it's probably a medical grade product because the guy is a dentist and it is always sharp no matter how many times ... I have one of these personally myself, no matter how many times I've used it, it always stays sharp. And I think it's a very good buy. So if you have a cigar that's plugged and you're not sure what to do with it, and you don't want to use a skewer or you want something that you can actually keep in your humidor or in your carry-on bag, whatever it is that you keep your cigars with, the PerfecDraw is a great, great little accessory. So look for these. We do have them. So let us know if you want one.

Number 2

All right, right along with the same brand, PerfecDraw has the PerfecRepair little tiny bottle. It looks like nail polish, but what it is, it is cigar glue, basically what they call are a sealer and this little tiny bottle, I'm going to go ahead and open it so you guys can see what it looks like, and what it is for any cigar that has any little tiny crack in it or if the cigar wrapper is coming unraveled and you want to save that cigar, the PerfecRepair is a perfect little tiny bottle that you just want to shake it. It has a couple of little tiny bb's in there, so when you shake it, you can actually hear it and when we stop hearing it, that means the whole thing is mixed up and the base and the other mixture solution is actually combining and it's not separated anymore.

It has a little tiny brush at the end of it and you can go ahead and just brush a very thin layer of the glue on your cigar. This is basically the same material that we use whenever we wrap cigars or whenever we're making cigars in the factory. So look for the PerfecRepair. This is something that you should definitely have, but be careful not to store it in something really cold because it does get hardened on the inside of this bottle. So therefore keep it at room temperature.

Number 3

Accessory number three. I'm going to talk about my favorite cutter. This is actually my personal cutter and this is the Colibri SV Cutter. Now, why do I like this cutter? I love the bulkiness of it. It feels very manly and it is at V-cut. I love V-cuts and the difference between this V-cut and many other V-cuts on the market, is this one is a nice deep V-cut. I haven't measured the exact millimeter depth of it, but I ensure you I've tried many different V-cuts this one cuts the deepest and it's fantastic. I love V-cuts. Now, the other cool thing about the SV-Cut is that it also has a guillotine cut in the backside of the V-cut. And this one has, I believe a depth of only three millimeters. So therefore, if you do put your cigar in here, it does not chop off too much off the cap of the cigar, making a very good, nice, clean guillotine cut and it is double-sided, the blade on the guillotine and it also it gives me a V-cut, which I just love this thing.

Also it does have a little pass through right here, so therefore, if you want to cut your lancero a little deeper, you can go ahead and do that. So it's just universally, this is one of the best cutters I think out there for $75. I don't care if it's DuPont or whatever it is, to me, this is my favorite cutter. Look for it, you got to have this thing.

Number 4

So for accessory number four, it kind of goes hand in hand, but I'm going to do a switcharoo and I'm going to talk about a torch lighter. The reason why I think a torch slider is vital to have is because soft flame lighters can not light a cigar when it comes to windy conditions. Now, I'm not talking about in a tornado or anything like a cyclone, but I'm just talking about, you're at the golf course, you're at the beach, there's a little bit of gust of wind, a soft flame lighter is going to be flopping around in the wind and it's not going to be able to light your cigar. So therefore I like the torch lighter because it's a torch and it spears at the end of the flame and therefore you can actually aim at the cigar and you can go ahead and light it.

Would it be a single flame, double flame, or triple flame, you can go all the way up to quadro-flame torches, but this Palio right here is a great torch, has a very big reservoir. We do have it on I think they retail something like eight or $9. So I think I just got the $8 sign. Is that right? Yes. So $8. It is a triple torch flame, also has a nice dial at the bottom, so therefore you can adjust the height of the flame and it's muted out pretty cool black, but the reservoir is a see-through black so therefore you can see the level of your butane and it holds a lot of butane. For $9 it's one of the best lighters out there. So look for it.

Number 5

I'm going to go right into accessory number five, because this goes hand in hand with the lighter. This is the Xikar High Performance butane. Out of all the butane's that I have tried, I've tried so many over the last 25 years being in the business, this has been the best performing butane that I've ever, ever used. It's highly, highly refined. Very good stuff. It is a little expensive. It's $10 a bottle, but again, for the extending the life of my lighter, I think it's very well worth it and I'm going to give you guys a tip. Before you light ... Excuse me, before you fill any butane lighter reservoir, you need to bleed it out of all the pressure that is inside of it, because every time we insert this little guy inside the reservoir, not only are you introducing new gas, but you're introducing more pressure. So you want to release all the pressure that you can out of an empty torch lighter, therefore that will extend the life of your lighter.

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