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Beginners Cigar Guide – Best First Cigars

21st Sep 2020

Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. I'm Gerard, and today's video, we're going to talk about smoking a cigar for the first time should be a thing to remember. So what I've done is put together a little five-pack of very nice, mild cigars that would make the introduction to the world of cigars a very pleasurable one. So stay tuned. But before we get going, I need you click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes of Mondays with Mardo's.

So first and foremost, I want to emphasize that the appearance of a cigar will not indicate what type of flavors, how strong a cigar is and what the experience is going to be like. So asking somebody that works at the shop is going to be a big, big help. This right here is a little five-pack I've put together some cigars that are wonderful for a beginner. It's going to be enjoyable. It's not going to be peppery. It's not going to be a hot draw. You're not going to be looking for water to kind of wish out your bad flavors in your mouth, things of that nature. This is going to be something very enjoyable.

Cigar Number 1

This order I've put together is by no means of grading or rating order. It's just some cigars that we picked out. Casdagli, formerly known as Bespoke is more of a European brand. This is the Club Mareva. It's more of a Corona sized, phenomenal cigar. The wrapper on this thing is a little bit darker than a Connecticut. So this is going to be an Ecuadorian Corojo. Corojo is one of my favorite types of tobacco, has a lot of flavor of coffee in it, and a lot of deep chocolate ends a little bit. Also, the binder on this is going to be three years of age on it. So the Club Mavera from Casdagli is a phenomenal beginner smoke. Very nice flavors, little earthiness in there, nice, smooth, creamy retrohale. So look for the Club Mareva on our website, if you are interested. But as a beginner, this is a very good cigar.

Cigar Number 2

Next up is going to be the Jake Wyatt. Now, this does have a Connecticut wrapper on it. A lot of cigars with Connecticut wrappers on them are mild. But the thing is, is that I have found a lot of Connecticut wrapped cigars within a price range of $8 to $12. A lot of times they have this start up of very grassy, green flavors, herbal, that's very much of a turnoff. The Jake Wyatt's, these are blended orange spice, little bit of creaminess, little bit of leather in there. Very, very nice cigar and silky, silky smooth. The Jake Wyatt, Connecticut is a phenomenal beginner cigar. I highly recommend it. No pepper whatsoever.

Cigar Number 3

Now, here's another cigar that has a dark wrapper. It's a Ecuadorian Habano Rosado, and this cigar right here has a lot of lemon zest, as well as some cinnamon. It does have a little bit of pepper in here, but it is not spicy and it's not over abundant, and therefore you will be able to manage your palate with the pepper in this because of this silky smooth draw on it. So this is called the Jake Wyatt U.S.I.R., again, with a Habano Rosado wrapper on it. So you can see so far, we've only talked about one cigar that has Connecticut. The two others are darker, and yet we're still in the wheelhouse of a mild beginner cigar.

Cigar Number 4

This is an Ecuadorian Connecticut right here, and this is from RoMa Craft Intemperance. This was actually blended to be more of a mild to medium cigar, and you're doing a bang up job out there. This is called the Intemperance EC. The EC stands for Ecuadorian Connecticut. I highly recommend it. This in the beginning does have a bit of a harsh hint to it. That's just because there's a little bit of a wrapper missing at the foot of it, that's just because of aesthetics. It makes it kind of look good. But as soon as this thing starts opening up, a lot of great flavors. The reason why it's a little bit stronger than the other three that I spoke, I talked about is because this is made from Nicaragua and we all know Nicaraguan tobacco is a little bit stronger.

Cigar Number 5

Now there's a spin-off of the Intemperance. It's called the Whiskey Rebellion. This again is still a mild to medium bodied cigar. The Whiskey Rebellion has a Habano wrapper on it, and this is a little bit darker. However, it's still mild to medium, and the hints that you're going to get out of this cigar is a bit more of that deep earth with some coffee at the lingering palate and at the lingering flavors back in your throat. So this is a little five-pack that I have put together for somebody that is new to this cigar game, and once you get your foot in the door without having that cigar that's going to really turn you off.

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So let me know in the comments what was your first cigar as a beginner, what you smoked, what brand it was, where you were and why you liked it so much. This is going to conclude our video for this week. My name is Gerard. I'll see you next week. Remember, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you, guys. Thank you.