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Beginner Cigar Smoker’s Biggest Mistakes

11th May 2020

What's going on everyone? This is a Gerard, And today on Mondays with Mardo, we have a great video on all the biggest mistakes a new cigar smoker makes and what to avoid if you are trying cigars for the first time. But before we begin, I need you to click on that subscribe button and hit the bell to be notified every single week with Mondays with Mardo.

Number 1

So, mistake number one that I see many beginners make, is they pick up a cigar just due to the look of it. It has a very light shade wrapper. Just because it's Connecticut light shade wrapper does not mean it's a mild cigar. A total sleeper is a cigar made by Sinistro called Mr. White. Even the band is a white label, and this cigar is a total sleeper and is not a mild cigar at all. Also, Black Label Killer Bee, I believe it's called the Yellow Jacket, that also has a Connecticut wrapper but is not a mild cigar. So be sure to ask your tobacconist for some guidance.

Also, a lot of Connecticut shade wrapper cigars will have a lot of hay and grassy flavors that can have a very bad turnoff and impact on your first impression. So, tell your tobacconist what it is you're looking for. If you want that toasty flavor with some creamy and smoothness, he can point you in the right direction. One brand that comes into mind is a Jake Wyatt Appendix II. Ashton Cabinet, the Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Natural. There are so many brands out there, so be sure to talk to your tobacconist.

Number 2

Mistake number two, we're going to talk about the proper storage of cigars. I have so many stories I know of individuals that come back home from a wedding, or they get a cigar gifted, and they throw the cigar in a sock drawer and it sits there for months. And all the oils dry out because they don't know how to properly store a cigar. And I understand, because you don't want to make the investment of buying a humidor for just one cigar. Go to your nearest cigar store and buy a Boveda bag. These guys are the industry leader when it comes to humi-bags. These things even last up to a year. It has a little humid pouch inside, and this will hold up to five cigars.

If you're an individual that comes back from overseas and you have a box of Cuban cigars that you're really excited about, and don't know how to properly store them. Well, Boveda has a solution for you. We have a medium sized bag that holds up to 25 cigars. Even a large bag that will hold up to 100 cigars, and these things are good for a year. You can find them at your nearest cigar store, even Amazon.

Number 3

Mistake number three, we're going to talk about hot boxing a cigar. That is when you draw on a cigar excessively. This is going to have a huge impact on the flavor and it's going to get very nasty. So, just take a light draw, place it on the ashtray and just enjoy the flavor.

Number 4

Mistake number four, we're going to talk about some do's and don'ts. Do not smoke a cigar on an empty stomach if you're a beginner. Also, if you've been out on a hot summer day with a lot of alcohol on board, I recommend you not smoke a cigar. However, if you do want to smoke a cigar and you are feeling nauseous, I have a tip. Make sure you grab a drink with a high load of content in sugar. This will allow the sugar to get in your bloodstream and replace the nicotine, and make you feel a lot better.

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So, these are the mistakes that I see beginners make. This concludes our video for this week's Mondays with Mardos. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel.