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Beginner Cigar Guide - What To Do When You Are Trying A New Cigar

14th Feb 2022

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo’s. I'm Gerard, and this week on A Beginner's Guide, we're going to talk about what to do when you are trying out a new cigar. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo’s.

All right. So when I'm going to try a cigar for the first time, one of the biggest thing for me is making sure that I get a straight cut with a guillotine. I don't mess around with a v-cut or anything like that because I want to make sure I get a very good draw and I want to get a good impression of the cigar.

Another thing is preferably if I have a fresh palate, meaning I have not had any cigars throughout that whole day, will be a plus. Making sure that I've had something to eat within my stomach. It doesn't have to be immediately after a meal, but just making sure that I've had something to eat throughout the day.

This is the Leaf by Oscar Toro Maduro. Yeah, believe it or not, I've never tried it. So here it is. I'm trying for the first time. You don't have to know a whole lot about the cigar. It's all about the flavor, but if you're curious, this does have a Jalapa wrapper and then also it's Honduran filler. Oscar Valladares is the manufacturer and he mainly is out of the Honduras.

And then I try to make sure that I at least have some kind of water, therefore, so I can kind of cleanse my pallet. And another thing is, is that I'll puff the cigar more than anything. So I don't go crazy and start retro hailing because if it is too strong of a cigar and I'm not used to knowing what the cigar will do, is I just want to kind of baby it. I'm not cautious, but I just have respect for cigars that I've never tried. If I know at least they're full in body or strength.

Hmm. The draw's very good, very nice flavor. You can definitely taste the sweetness of the Jalapa wrapper on this thing. So the way we review cigars throughout the industry is in thirds. First third, second third, and you got the last third. Now here's another thing. If you're new to cigars and you're trying a cigar for the first time, if the last third gets very hot and does nothing but burn, and it gives you that char flavor, that's called turning on you.

That means the cigar is pretty much done. It's not going to get any better. There's no reason for you to hang in there because the more you smoke that cigar, the last third is going to get smaller and smaller and it's just going to get hotter and hotter. So therefore it's not magically going to just open up and do something amazing and be like, "Oh my God, that last part of the last third was just like, amazing." I've never had that happen nor do I believe it will ever happen.

So my point being is if the cigar turned on you, just put it down. It's done with, okay? Even though if there still is about an inch and a half to two inches to the cigar, once it turns, it turns on you, it's no point of continuing smoking the cigar.

Anyways, let me know in the comments how you approach a cigar you've never tried and you want to try it for the first time in the comments. Other than that, I'll see you guys next week with another topic. Remember to follow us on Instagram, watch us on Facebook and remember to tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Other than that, I'm going to go and enjoy this cigar. See you, guys.