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Beginner Cigar Guide - What happens to Cigars when they Age

19th Sep 2022

What happens to cigars when they age? But before I get going, I need you to click on the subscribe button, click on a bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo's.

I'm going to break it down to a very simple thing. When you make a cigar, there's three parts of a cigar. You have the filler, which could be consisting of many different types of tobacco being wedged and married together. And you have the binder that binds them together to give it that spherical shape or that cylindrical shape.

Then you have the outside wrapper. So now you have at least five different tobaccos, if not more than that, all bunched in together. They all have different flavors. So when you age a cigar, you allow these tobaccos to marry so they can mesh together so the flavors are intertwined.

Another thing, what happens to a cigar when you age, tobaccos have a byproduct of ammonia. So when a cigar is freshly rolled and you put it in an aging room without any cellophane or anything wrapped around the cigar, you want the cigar to breathe a little out of the foot. The reason why you want that oxygen exchange to happen is you want to eliminate as much ammonia as possible within that cigar. So the longer you let that sit, the less ammonia flavor is going to be within that cigar, and that's going to give it the age.

Now, when it comes to tobacco, prior to us making cigars, is what happens is the longer a tobacco ages, the sweeter it's going to get, is because another byproduct of tobacco is starch. When you're letting the tobacco age and under stress, it starts to change colors, it starts to wither as long as you're maintaining its form. When you have it in big piles of pilon, you have to rotate the cigars... I mean, excuse me, the tobaccos, the top down to the bottom, bottom to the top. You continue this cycle until you are done aging them. And at this point, you will get some sweetness because the starch is going to turn into a sugar. So you're going to get a sweeter tobacco.

However, that tobacco will get milder at the same time, because you are losing a little bit of the oils, no matter how much humidity, no matter how much you're preserving that cigar. Again, like I said, some families use under fermented tobaccos to give you that strength. But when you're aging that, you're letting the starch turn into a sugar. Once you're doing that, you're losing strength from the cigar.

There's a lot of books out there, probably, you can get when it comes to getting more knowledgeable about cigars and tobaccos. If anything, I would probably choose books and literature on tobaccos. Especially when it comes to cigars, rather than cigar making. Because that's when you're going to get that grassroot type of education.

Other than that, let me know in the comments what is your thought and your opinion of this video. But other than that, I'll see you guys next week. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook. And remember, tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

See you guys.