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Beginner Cigar Guide - What are Boutique Cigars

2nd Aug 2021

Hi and welcome to another episode of Monday's With Mardo's. I'm Gerard and today is a beginner cigar guide on what are boutique cigars. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Monday's With Mardo's.

All right. So today's episode, we're going to talk about what are boutique cigars and what makes them boutique. Well, a good definition of what is a boutique cigar, any manufacturer that makes less than a million cigars a year is considered as a boutique. But there's a whole other different segment of it. I believe that large manufacturers also do make boutique cigar brands and they call them short runs and those are going to be like limited additions. But an actual boutique cigar brand company is anyone that makes, as I said, less than a million cigars a year.

This is a no rating whatsoever, but we're just going to go right into it. This is Lost & Found. Lost & Found does not create or make cigars. It is owned by Robert Caldwell as well as some of his partners. They go around factories and they try to source out any cigars that never made it to the production level and they have just been sitting in the aging room, which makes it pretty cool. These are cigars that you'll never find at your brick and mortar.

So they package them together. They usually make them into bundles of 10, give it a pretty cool catchy name like Land O' Snakes, Butt Naked, One Night Stand. This one is the Pepper Cream Soda and just really, really cool concept. The packaging is very, very catchy to the eye. It's like eye candy. So it's a lot, a lot of fun.

All right, so next we have here is Sinistro. This cigar is called The Last Cowboy and this is the Maduro Toro, which also has a Candela foot. This is made at La Aurora, which is in the Dominican Republic. They also offer it in Connecticut. Now Sinistro as a whole, as a company, is truly, truly boutique. They make a lot of cigars that come in five packs. They have things like No Entiendo that just came out, Protect Your Nuts. They have come up with a new pre-release called The Last Barbarian.

They have a lot of catchy cigar brands that are a lot of fun. They do a lot of exclusive like provide a cigar club and luxury cigar club. Another brand out there that's truly boutique, look for them. You can find these almost anywhere, but again, their production is less than a million cigars a year.

All right. So this is called Jake Wyatt Cigar Company. Obviously we're going to talk about Jake Wyatt Cigar Company because to me, it's like the epitome of what a boutique cigar is. And I'll tell you why. Not only is it because we make it and it's our own brand, but looking at the cigar right off the bat, it has the ornate artisanal accents on every single cigar that we produce out of our own factory in Tamboril called JVM.

We make less than a million cigars a year. Our whole entire gourmet collection has the ornate artisanal accents on it. So this slows down the process. Every single cigar that Jake Wyatt makes will take an extra two days. Why? It is, again, because the artisanal accents, today everybody likes to post pictures of their mail call on Instagram, on Facebook, all over social media. Not only are these beautiful cigars but they also tastes great. So if you're in a market to find something new, boutique, totally a different looking cigar and great tasting, checkout Jake Wyatt Cigar Company.

All right. Next is Viaje Cigar Company. If there's anything I can say about Viaje, when it comes to boutique cigars, these guys were the pioneer. They truly were. These guys came about, I'm not really sure, back in... About 10, 15 years ago and what they do is they have a contract with several different factories and they make a very, very small short run.

Each dealer usually gets anywhere between two to four boxes of any release they do. So they do their releases at least once or every two months. And they come up with the Skull and Bones, they have the Layer Cake, they have the Candy Cane during Christmas. They have all sorts of different little niche items that they make and their cigars are fantastic. They use, I believe, factories out of Nicaragua and Honduras. If you can get your hand on some Viaje, I highly recommend it. They are bolder, spicier cigars and they are a lot, a lot of fun.

This one is the Skull and Bone called the Bruce Banner. That's why you see the Skull and Bone on it because that's the line that it exists in and then this cigar is called Bruce Banner and it has its brother cigar called The Hulk or called just Hulk. Anyways, look for Viaje, they're all over social media. You can get to know a little bit more about their way of how they do things.

All right. So this cigar brand, I'm pretty sure you guys have probably never heard of it. It's called Jeremy Jack. And that's what makes this thing so boutique. Brady Hayek has an agreement with Aganorsa and they make their cigars for Jeremy Jack. They have a different assortment. They have a cigar called Prince. They had a cigar called Libelula. They have their JJ Lanceros.

Check out Jeremy Jack. We do have them here at Fantastic stuff coming out of Aganorsa. Libelula is one of my favorites from Jeremy Jack. If you want to get a single or a five-pack or even a box, go to and check them out.

Other than that, let's hear in the comments what's your favorite boutique cigar and if this was helpful or not. Other than that, I'll see you guys next week. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and remember to tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you.