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Beginner Cigar Guide to Boveda

18th May 2020

Hey, what's going on everybody? This is Gerard with and today we're going to talk about how to use Boveda packs. We had a great time with Rob Gagner, which is the face of Boveda, on our previous video on YouTube, so please check that out. Before we get going, I want you to click on that subscribe button and also click on a bell to be notified every single week on Mondays With Mardo's

All right, so if you just bought a few cigars or you have a massive, huge, awesome cigar collection, I'm here to tell you that Boveda packs is a perfect solution in dialing into RH for your cigars. So I'm going to show you how to do that.

What Relative Humidity Level

All right. So the biggest question we get is what RH level should you buy? Overall, we want a 70% relative humidity for your cigars. Wooden humidors are stored at 72%. Airtight humidors are stored at 69%. And when it comes to glass top, humidors that leak a little bit, you want to up it to 75%. And if you have a wineador you want to go from 69 to 72, depending on the environment you live in. And for Cuban cigars, we want to keep that low at 65%. And now we're going to talk about how many of these packs do you need in your humidor?

How Many Packets for your Size Humidor

The other question that we get a lot, is how many of these packs should you buy for your humidor? Well, we, have simplified that step for you. You do need to log onto and on our homepage you need to click on Boveda which will navigate you to what kind of humidor you have. From there it will sub navigate you to the quantity that your humidor holds. Now, just because you have one cigar and a hundred count humidor does not mean you buy one of these little tiny packs. Actually Boveda has designed their product to humidify the entire environment. So, regardless of how many cigars you have in your hundred count humidor, you do need to buy what it does recommend to humidify the entire environment. So, now that we have that covered, be sure to go to and click on that Boveda link to navigate to exactly where you need to go. So now, we're going to talk about when to replace these bad boys.

When to Replace the Packets

Another question we get asked a lot is when to replace the Boveda pack. Rob Gagner and us were sitting around a table and we came up with a term called the touch test. Touch it and if it's soft, that means the Boveda pack is still good. If you pick up a pack, that's dry throughout the whole entire thing, that means it's bad. And as a general rule, the life expectancy is three to four months.

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