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Beginner Cigar Guide – San Andrès Wrapped Cigars

6th Jul 2020

What's going on, everybody? This is Gerard, with, and welcome to another episode with "Mondays with Mardos." Today, we're going to talk about cigars that have San Andrès wrappers, but before we begin, I need you to click on that "Subscribe" button, click on the bell, to be notified every single new episode of "Mondays with Mardo' s."

Cigar Number 1

So the first cigar we're going to talk about is the Noel Rojas - Statement. Even though this is a Nicaraguan cigar, it does boast the San Andrès wrapper. The portfolio offers many different sizes. The one I have in my hand right here is the Robusto; I believe this is a sub-$10 cigar. It packs a lot of flavor for the value, so look for it at

Cigar Number 2

Second on the list is Jake Wyatt - Herbert Spencer with the Maduro wrapper from San Andrès . This is made in Dominican Republic in Tamboril, and the portfolio offers Robusto, Toro, Belicoso... Even a 6 x 60 and a limited edition. These are beautiful sticks, so check them out.

Cigar Number 3

All right, so another boutique brand on the list is Sinistro Mr. Red. This does have the, again, San Andrès Maduro wrapper. This is made in Dominican Republic as well, but under LA Aurora Factory. At full-body smoke, very well-priced, many different sizes in the portfolio, so look for it, as well, on

Cigar Number 4

All right, so another cigar coming out of Tamboril, Dominican Republic, another boutique brand called Blackbird. This is called The Crow. It has the San Andrès Maduro wrapper on there, and multiple different sizes; truly boutique. They're doing a very good job so far; full-body cigar, so look for it. Again, called Blackbird Cigar Company, and this one is specifically called The Crow because it has that San Andrès Maduro wrapper on it.

Cigar Number 5

So last but not least, Oscar Valladares made a cigar last year in 2019 called the Super Fly. This is actually made in Honduras; it does have the San Andrès Maduro wrapper. I believe it comes in only three different sizes. Look for it absolutely everywhere, anywhere you can find a cigar; it's absolutely fire. I really like it and I think he's done a wonderful job. So, Super Fly, by Oscar Valladares, look for it. This is the Corona size.

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This concludes this week's video on "Mondays with Mardos," but before we get going, I want to see your comments, and what is your favorite San Andrès Maduro wrapped cigars? Anyways, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and remember to tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you guys.