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Beginner Cigar Guide – How to Get a Better Draw From Your Cigar

25th May 2020

Hey, what's going on everybody. This is Gerard with Have you ever lit a cigar, it's been plugged, and you can't get any smoke out of it? Well, in today's video, we're going to talk about some tips and tricks on how to get smoke out of your plugged cigar.

Hi, so before we begin, I need you to click on that subscribe button. Also click on the bell to be notified on every single new episode of Mondays With Mardo's. So it's just a matter of time that you're going to get a cigar with a very tight draw, or even it be unsmokable. But before you give up on that gem of a cigar, we're going to get right into what to do.


So we know cigar rollers do a very, very good job on rolling these cigars, and is a very speedy manner. However, it is a natural product, and it is handmade, so flaws can happen. So we're going to talk about what to do if you have a cigar that's plugged. One of the tools that I have here that I like to go to, first things first, is a guillotine cutter. What I'll try to do is I'll try to feel for the knot throughout the cigar. And if it's at the top of the cigar, what I'll do is I'll chop off a little bit more to see if I get a better draw.

Tooth Pick

The next trick is going to be something that I actually made myself. This is a makeshift toothpick. It is off of a plastic fork. It's one of the tines that I broke off. Unfortunately it does have a bit of a curve to it. But when I'm desperate and I don't have anything around, this may work. And what I'm going to do is take this tine, I'm going to go ahead and poke it a little bit and make sure that the curve of it doesn't poke out the side. And I'm going to try that multiple times, see if that will work or not. And if that doesn't, well, now we're going to talk about the other trick.


So trick number two, we're going to talk about something and find almost anywhere, is a paperclip. However, you do have to straighten it and you have to use caution when you are poking the cigar, making sure it doesn't penetrate through the side. You do have to take this guy and put it in there with a lot of caution, as I already mentioned. And you can do this multiple times. However, if you're an individual such as myself that smokes a lot of cigars, and also you're an enthusiast, well, we're going to talk about the 2018 accessory of the year.


In my hand, I have a tool that was designed specifically to help us with cigars that are tough to draw. This is called a perfect draw, and it was invented by a dentist in Irvine, California. He made a very high grade material. At the tip of it, it has these little tiny spears, and this thing is straight edged. To demonstrate, I'm just going to straight poke this cigar, just like I did with the paperclip or the toothpick. Now, the advantage of this, it's a lot longer so you can reach a little bit further in this regard than anything else you can find. And you can give it a little bit of a twist because those little tiny spears at the tip of this tool allows me to take out anything that gets in the way. Voila. And this thing was specifically designed for that.

So look for the perfect draw at your local B&M. I think they retail at about $30. So if you have used this tool or if you have any other tips and tricks, please let us know in the comments. Other than that, this is going to conclude today's episode. My name is Gerard. Remember, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook. And remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I'll see you next Monday.