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Beginner Cigar Guide How to Fill and Maintain your Cigar Lighter

Beginner Cigar Guide How to Fill and Maintain your Cigar Lighter

Posted by Tyler Enos on 2nd Dec 2019

So it doesn't matter how much money you spend on a torch lighter for your cigar, whether it's $5, $50 or hundreds of dollars. The most important thing is making sure that these going to work anytime you want to use it. How to maintain and fill your lighter is crucial, making sure that thing is going to last you. So in this video, we're going to have three easy steps on how to maintain and fill your lighter. So stay tuned.

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Step One

One of the biggest frustrations in our industry is having a cigar lighter that doesn't work anytime you want it to, just like this. So we're going to get right into step one. It's all about the butane. The butane are the internals. It is the gas, it is the fuel in the vehicle. You want to make sure that it's been refined minimum of three. So triple refined, quintuple refined. This bottle right here, it's been refined five times. What does the refinement do? It gets rid of the any sediments or any impurifications within the fuel.

Inside this little tiny lighter are little tiny seals. All the jet ports are very small. You can barely see them with the naked eye. So you can only imagine, just a little tiny debris in your fuel can really clog things up. And this thing will not torch anymore and it torches at very high temperature. So therefore, things heat up and it can fail on you. So, again, make sure you have very good butane, and this can cost you probably up to about $9. It's not very expensive. Can get you a lot and lot of refills out of this.

Step Two

All right. So step two, we're going to talk about filling your lighter. This is a lot more simple than most people make it out to be. All you need is a paperclip. You can use a pen, even some of the cutters today, like the Xikar Multi-Tool has a little puncture tool on it so you can therefore bleed your lighter. What you need to do is, I'm going to approach the camera a little bit closer so I can show you guys what it is exactly you want to look for, at the bottom of your lighter, you will see that little pin right there. This is a refillable lighter as well as this one that you can see right there as well, it has the valve, we can refill the lighter. So when your lighter is low on butane, you do not want to go ahead and take your butane can and fill it up again, reason being is that these are pressurized cans of butane. So not only are you introducing the gas in here, but this gas is pressurized, you guys.

So therefore when you're filling it, you're also putting pressure in there. Now when you are lighting the lighter, of course, you are releasing some of the pressure, but not all the way. So what you want to do is you definitely want to bleed your lighter and make sure all the butane is gone. So you're going to hold it steady, even flip it, you see how much more excess butane is still in there and I keep holding it until the hissing sound disappears. Even when it's gone, I do it multiple times. All right. So now that we have all the gas out of the lighter, it's very cold. I'm just going to let it get to a little bit of room temp. I can put it in my hand really tight and get a little bit warmer. So now that we have that solved, let me make sure I get a can that's a little bit more full. Here we go. What we want to do is simply place the butane can and give it some quick spurts, and then now I'm going to check it and, voila, I'm totally full.

And make sure it's on. And look at that, first try. I mean, that's a little bit of excess of pressure right there. I can go ahead and lower the flame length and, voila. Just like that, you guys. Can't give you a better firsthand experience on how that works. Go ahead and put these back right here so you guys can take a look. Again, the butane, just got to make sure that's refined butane, everything's working well, so we're going to get into step three and I talk about that part.

Step Three

Okay. So step three, we're going to talk about keeping your lighter clean. Many of us don't feel this is necessary. However, I have firsthand experience that I let a complete stranger in a cigar bar use my lighter, no cigar etiquette. They don't knock off the ash all the way. They use the lighter and ash falls right into the inside of my lighter, which just drives me crazy. It gums it up. In the dark, I can't see it. When I re-light it, all I'm doing is just kicking that ash right inside my lighter. What I have used in the past is from a little bit of distance, I use a can of computer cleaner. If I have access to an air compressor, I make sure it's from a distance. And the reason for that, I don't want to lodge anything more inside my lighter. Some companies, whenever you do buy a lighter, will give you a complimentary leather sheet that you can put a, excuse me, a protective layer on your lighter. Many individuals through social media are making protective sheet out of leather.

Come Join Us

So I want to hear from you in the comments what do you do to number one, fill up your lighter. Number two, what kind of butane you're using, and I may not be seeing it in the same exact order. However, I do want to hear from you also how do you keep your lighter clean as well. So I'll see you in the comments. Thanks for watching. This is Gerard. I'll see you next week on Mondays with Mardo.