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A Guide For The Traveling Cigar Aficionado

7th Mar 2022

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. I'm Gerard, and this week we're going to talk about the traveling aficionado. But before I get going, I need you to click on the subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo's.

All right. So this week we're going to talk about the traveling aficionado. The biggest thing for me when I travel, and I want to make sure that I have my cigars with me, is the actual cigars. I'm not so much concerned about my accessories, meaning lighter or cutter, especially with TSA. If I don't have any bags, I'm checking in and I only have a carry-on, I don't want them to take away or throw away my very expensive accessories. So therefore, I can always find a cutter at a cigar shop for $3. A lighter's always cheap. I can get matches. I can use campfire. I can use a BIC lighter, but what I cannot do is get my special coveted cigars that I like to have because the not every single cigar shop carries every single cigar that I like.

So therefore, if you are going to go on a trip, make sure that you kind of plan out, if you like to have cigars for breakfast, how many days are you going to be there? Bring enough cigars for that. So therefore, you don't go into the frustration of not having your favorite cigar within that time of the day. Now, having said that done and you know exactly how long you're going to stay, is it a long stay, it's going to be a short stay, you get the gist of that. Make sure you have the cigars you want and an ample amount of it.

Now, when it comes to traveling with your cigars, there are two methods. You can either go with a soft method system, meaning that it's a bag, and you have Boveda. Boveda is our friend. They're a fantastic product. They work very, very well. You can get different relative humidity settings at 69% or 72%. There you go. You can also get these ones. These are good for a year. The thickness of this plastic is at the perfect mil so therefore it can last up to a year as a Boveda pack in there. That's going to give you that amount of time for you to store your cigars. You can put, I don't know, gosh, a couple hundred cigars in here maybe. I could be wrong, but it's a pretty big bag.

Now, if you definitely want to make sure that your cigars don't get crushed and you're going to be stuffing your carry-on with a lot of stuff, you can always go with something hard like this. This is a cigar caddy. It is totally submersible. Not too deep. Don't get carried away, but it does have a seal on it. So therefore if you put a Boveda pack in there and you put your cigars in there, it's going to have that seal in there. So therefore, your cigars are going to be protected.

Then if you want to go even bigger, we've got this mega one right here. This is good for 60 cigars if you leave the foam trays in there. But what I do is I take out all the foam trays. If I want to stack this with a lot of cigars, I can always go ahead and do that. Therefore, it's also going to be submersible, and it's totally sealed. This is pretty much crush proof and it does have a lifetime warranty through Xikar. So I do like this with me. I can always take it in my hand. That is going to really, really set me up for a good travel, having the right cigars that I want to smoke. If I do bring things back with me, I have some room to do that.

Anyways, let me know in the comments how you travel, what is important to you. As you can tell by this video, to me, it's the actual cigars and not so much the accessories. So let me know in the comments. But before I get going, remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you guys.