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Huge Aquistion and Generaltional Tobacco Ban? | Cigar News

24th Apr 2023

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardos. I'm Gerard, and this week we will talk about the latest and greatest in the cigar industry. But before I get going, remember to click on that subscribe button and the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardos. 

Alec bradley new owner

Who owns Alec Bradley?

All right, this week we will talk about the latest and greatest cigar news in the cigar world. When we were at TPE, the  Tobacco Plus Expo 2023, the biggest news was the acquisition of Alec Bradley by STG, known as the Scandinavian Tobacco Group. STG is a big powerhouse.

They have been acquiring quite a bit of tobacco companies. The reason Alec Bradley was a big talk during the trade show was the dollar amount of a 70-plus million dollar acquisition, and it did go through, it closed, and the deal is done. So STG is now the owner of Alec Bradley.

Congratulations, very well done. I sure would be happy if somebody bought our company for 70-plus million dollars, so, hello, if any inquiries, let me know.

Cigar samplers Tobacco Ban

Who cannot buy tobacco in California?

What else has been going on is. As cigar smokers, we need to protect our smoking rights. I do know that the state of California is trying to put a generational ban on cigar smoking. What they're trying to do is present a ballot by lobbying. If you are born after 2017 or 2007. I think it's from after being born in 2007. You can  no longer buy tobacco in the state of California. I believe New Zealand did pass that law, and they were successful. So if you were born after 2007, you can't buy any tobacco product down the line in the future. So this will cause a generational ban eventually down the years.

So that is taking our rights away. I understand. We want to educate individuals, tobacco can be harmful. Cigar smoking is not very good for our health, but occasional cigars are enjoyable. It is a way of getting together. It is an art. It is not like cigarettes. There aren't any additives in cigars as they are straight  tobacco. It's just filler, binder, and wrapper, it is an art and beautiful stuff. So make sure you cast your votes. 

let's protect smokers

Help us to protect our rights!

Help us out there to get the word that we have our rights and that we must protect them. So when it comes to the  CRA sample packs that we sell when it comes to donating to PCA and the membership fees, remember there are a lot of fights to be fought, so, therefore, we do need financial assistance, and we do our part and we will continue doing our part. And this is my bread and butter, so this is how I feed my family and I enjoy it, and it's a lot of, lot of fun.

But let me know in the comments how this strikes you. We'll probably have a lot of comments on this video more than any other video we've ever done. But yeah, let me know, you guys. Let's fight this fight together and keep our industry where it needs to be, and out of the hands of politicians that have no clue what it takes to make a cigar. I think that's enough. So I'll see you guys next week. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you.