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How to Use Boveda Packs for Humidity | Mastering Cigar Care

How to Use Boveda Packs for Humidity | Mastering Cigar Care

Posted by Gerard on 20th Jan 2020


Cigar enthusiasts understand the paramount importance of maintaining the perfect humidity levels for their prized smokes. In the world of cigar care, Boveda has emerged as a game-changer, providing a precise solution to achieve optimal humidity conditions. As a passionate cigar aficionado and customer of, I had the privilege of delving into the realm of Boveda products through an insightful conversation with Rob Gagner from Boveda. In this article, I'll share my firsthand experience and key takeaways from the conversation, shedding light on the diverse range of Boveda humidity products and accessories that contribute to an enhanced cigar experience.

The Science Behind Boveda's Humidity Variations

Rob Gagner outlined the significance of Boveda's varying humidity percentages. He explained that different humidity levels serve distinct purposes in cigar storage: 

  • 85% (Seasoning): Before filling your humidor with cigars, it's essential to "season" the humidor's interior. Place an 85% Boveda pack inside for about two weeks. This process allows the wood to absorb moisture slowly and properly, minimizing rapid evaporation when you introduce the rest of your Boveda packs.
  • 65-75% (Long-Term Storage): These Boveda packs are tailored for extended cigar storage. They are designed to last approximately three months and are crafted to accommodate different wood types and cigar characteristics. Matching the humidity level of the pack to your humidor's environment maintains consistency and optimal aging.
  • 69% (Airtight Containers): When using airtight containers like travel humidors or acrylic setups, a 69% Boveda pack ensures cigars remain well-preserved, maintaining their flavors and characteristics without any compromise.
  • 72% (Wood Humidors): A fundamental baseline humidity level for wood humidors. However, consider environmental factors – if you're in a drier climate, you might opt for a higher humidity level.
  • High Altitude and Dry Climates: In areas with high altitudes or arid conditions, a 75% humidity level helps counteract the rapid moisture loss that can occur.

Accessories for Elevated Cigar Care

Boveda's commitment to innovation is evident in their range of accessories designed to complement their humidity packs. The conversation touched on these minimalist yet functional products: 

  • Stacked Holders: For humidors with unique shapes, the stacked holder is a space-efficient solution that can accommodate two Boveda packs. This maximizes the utility of your humidor's interior.
  • Metal Backing with Magnet: Designed for those with limited space in their humidor's lid, this accessory suspends Boveda packs, ensuring they don't come into direct contact with your cigars while maintaining optimal humidity.

Understanding Boveda Pack Sizes

Different cigar storage solutions require distinct Boveda pack sizes to maintain precise humidity. Rob clarified the pack sizes and their recommended usage:

  • 8 Gram: If you're often on the go or have a small bag, the 8-gram pack is perfect for travel humidors. It's recommended for humidors that can hold between 4 to 10 cigars.
  • 60 Gram: Designed for wood humidors and travel setups. To determine how many 60-gram packs you need, allocate one pack for every 25 total cigars your humidor can accommodate.
  • 320 Gram: For larger storage solutions like wineadors or cooler doors, the 320-gram packs are your go-to. It's a good rule of thumb to have one pack for every cubic foot of space in your storage container.

About Boveda Sizes

Efficiency and Replacement Timing

Boveda packs operate on a two-way system, releasing and absorbing moisture to maintain optimal humidity. The packs typically last between two to four months based on usage. Monitoring the pack's rigidity is a clear indicator of its life cycle: replace it when it becomes rock hard.


As you embark on your cigar journey, remember that maintaining optimal humidity is a cornerstone of ensuring your cigars remain a source of pleasure. Armed with insights from these three crucial steps, you're well-equipped to create an exceptional cigar experience. Keep in mind, enjoying cigars is an art; relish the process, immerse yourself in the flavors, and engage with fellow enthusiasts. So go ahead, light up, and relish every moment – welcome to the captivating world of cigars! For more cigar wisdom, be sure to join us every Monday on our YouTube channel for "Mondays with Mardo."