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From Noob to Pro in 10 Minutes or Less | Cigars 101 Guide

From Noob to Pro in 10 Minutes or Less | Cigars 101 Guide

22nd May 2023

Welcome to another edition of the Mardo Cigars Blog Cigars 101 Guide. Today, we'll discuss how you can elevate your cigar smoking experience from a beginner to an expert in no time. Don't worry; it's not as complicated as it may seem. But before we dive in, make sure to subscribe to our  newsletter to stay updated on our weekly content.

Essential Tools for Cigar Smoking

If you're new to the world of cigars, fret not. The process is fairly simple. Just light up the cigar, place it in your mouth, take a puff, and exhale. Remember, cigars are not meant to be inhaled.

Let's delve into the specifics. One essential item you'll need is a reliable torch lighter. You don't have to break the bank on an expensive one; a torch lighter in the range of $10 to $15 will do the job. Whether you opt for a single flame or triple flame  torch lighter depends on the size of the cigar you're smoking. Larger ring gauge cigars typically require a double to triple flame torch lighter, while a single flame will suffice for smaller ring gauge cigars.

Why choose a torch lighter over other options like a BIC soft flame, Zippo, or matches? Torch lighters provide a faster and cleaner flame. Soft flame lighters like BIC take longer to toast a cigar since cigars are larger than cigarettes. Additionally, using a Zippo with lighter fluid can introduce an unpleasant taste and scent due to the residue in the flame. As for matches, ensure you have longer and thicker ones designed specifically for cigars.

Proper Care for Your Torch Lighter

Here's a crucial tip: always bleed your torch lighter before refilling it. This involves releasing any pressurized butane by using a pen or paperclip on the bottom side of the lighter. Bleeding the lighter ensures its longevity and can extend its lifespan by years. Remember to refill it after bleeding.

Torch Cigars 101 Guide

nother essential tool is a  cutter. Opt for a double blade guillotine cutter, which doesn't need to be overly expensive. To keep your cutter in optimal condition, clean the residue off the blade with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. This simple maintenance step can significantly extend the life of your cutter.

Cutting and Lighting Your Cigar

If you want to learn more about cigars, we invite you to read our blog post about the  best places to smoke cigars, where you will learn about the right places to smoke and how to take the best out of your cigars.

Nice Cutting Cigars 101 Guide

earning how to cut and light a cigar is not as daunting as it may seem. You can find numerous video tutorials on our Mardo Cigars YouTube channel or other platforms. By watching a few videos, you'll gain the necessary knowledge to cut and light your cigar properly. It's as easy as following a tutorial on changing your car's oil. Don't hesitate to leave any questions or comments below. We hope this guide helps you if you're new to the world of cigar smoking. See you next week! And remember to follow us on  Instagram, like us on Facebook, and share our YouTube channel with your friends.