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Beginner Cigar Guide | Can you Bring Cigars on a Plane?

Beginner Cigar Guide | Can you Bring Cigars on a Plane?

Posted by Gerard on 10th Jul 2023


Welcome to another informative blog post about traveling with cigars. Many cigar enthusiasts wonder can you bring cigars on a plane?. Well, the short answer is yes, you can, but there are some important details you need to be aware of, including legal regulations and the best practices for ensuring your cigars arrive at your destination in perfect condition.

The Legal Side of Cigar Travel

Before we delve into the logistics of cigar packing for air travel, let's discuss the legal aspects involved:

  1. TSA Guidelines: If you're flying within the United States, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permits passengers to carry cigars in both carry-on and checked baggage. However, there are rules regarding cigar cutters and lighters. To comply with TSA regulations, place these items in your checked luggage. 
  2. International Travel: For international travel, it's crucial to research and understand the customs and import regulations of your destination country. Some nations have strict rules regarding the importation of tobacco products, including cigars. Ignorance of these regulations can lead to confiscation or fines.

Packing Your Cigars with Care

Now that you're informed about the legalities, let's explore how to properly pack and protect your cigars during air travel.

  1. Airtight Cigar Boxes: Consider investing in a high-quality airtight cigar box, like those offered by Xikar Cigar Company. These boxes are specially designed to safeguard your cigars during flights. They feature a release valve to handle pressure changes and provide a watertight seal. This means your cigars will stay dry even if the box is submerged. 
  2. Cushioning for Your Cigars: Inside airtight boxes, you'll often find foam trays with inserts for your cigars. These trays are great for holding up to 60 cigars securely. However, if you need to carry more cigars, remove some inserts while ensuring there's a soft cushion at the bottom. Protecting your cigars with care is essential. 
  3. Ziploc Bags and Boveda Packs: If you prefer to keep cigars in your carry-on or backpack, use Ziploc bags with Boveda packs. Boveda packs help maintain the ideal humidity for cigars. Be cautious not to overpack your bag, as this can inadvertently damage your cigars. Use towels or magazines as protective cushioning.

Opting for Pelican Cases

For travelers who require extensive storage space and top-tier protection, Pelican cases are the ultimate choice. 

  1. Pelican Case for Road Travel: Mid-sized Pelican cases are perfect for road trips and visits to various accounts. They offer an exceptional seal, ensuring your cigars remain in perfect condition. The built-in wheels and retractable handle simplify transportation. 
  2. Large Pelican Case for Air Travel: When transporting a substantial quantity of cigars by air, consider investing in the largest Pelican case available. Although its size may attract attention, it provides unmatched protection. The soft foam interior keeps your cigars cushioned, and Boveda packs maintain humidity, even in extreme temperatures.


In the world of cigar travel, protecting and preserving your cigars is of utmost importance. Investing in quality cigar storage solutions, such as airtight boxes and Pelican cases, ensures that your cigars will arrive at your destination in perfect condition. These tools offer peace of mind, whether you're soaring through the skies or hitting the open road. Before your next adventure, make sure your cigars are well-protected, allowing you to embark on your journey with confidence. Share your preferred cigar travel methods in the comments below, and stay connected with us on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube for more valuable cigar tips and tricks. Bon voyage and happy smoking!