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Cigar Guide - Great Cigars to go Golfing

29th Mar 2021

What's going on everyone? This is Gerard on Mondays with Mardo. This week's episode, we're going to talk about great cigars to go golfing. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo.

All right. So what's so cool about this week sampler? Usually, we do five cigar samplers. But this week it is six cigars. I'm going to go over that why. First off, it is only $53.80 for six cigars, which makes it less than $9 a stick. It is product number 5452 on

All right. So the reason why we chose six cigars in this week's sampler is because it is commonly known that one cigar will last you the first nine holes. So in order to cover your entire day, we have to have two cigars, and having six in there will cover three days of golf.

All right, so the first two we're going to talk about is the Back2Back Connecticut. This 6 x 60. The reason why we chose a 6 x 60 is this will accommodate even the guy that puffs a lot and really, really quick. We want to make sure it covers the first nine holes. Now, we also paired it with the Nicaraguan brother, or sister, and the reason why we did that, if you are a person that likes a little bit bolder flavors, we got you covered as well. If you have a friend that comes along and doesn't smoke cigars all the time and want something mild, we've got him covered as well. So these are the first two in the six sampler.

All right, the next two cigars that we have chosen is Jake Wyatt from the gourmet collection. Just like its collection name, these are gourmet cigars, super mild, super creamy, very, very nice sticks. The Jake Wyatt, this is the 6 x 60 Appendix II, which is Ecuadorian Connecticut. It is a mild cigar but a lot of flavors of cream, butter and deliciousness. It's also made in the Dominican Republic. next to it is it's brother or sister is the Herbert Spencer. This has a San Andres Maduro wrapper. Bolder in flavor, but in nicotine, it is just perfect, just well-balanced so therefore it doesn't really give you that nicotine blast that you're going to feel woozy. So therefore, on the golf course, we want you sharp. We want you to be doing good. So therefore we gave you a cigar that's going to just make it right.

All right. The last two cigars made by Aganorsa out of Nicaragua. fantastic product. This is JFR, just for retailers, tying into Connecticut in a short time, Lunatic Maduro. Again, we got the mild and we got the heavier stick. All six cigars, $53.80. Product number 5452. Anyways, let me know in the comments what are the cigars you like to take with you golfing every single time you go out there. Other than that, I'm going to see you guys next week. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I'll see you guys next week.