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Cigar Guide – Best Cigars to Smoke in the Morning

Posted by Tyler Enos on 17th Feb 2020

What's up, everybody? This is Neil with Today we are coming at you with a three-part series and we're going to start it off with the best cigars to be smoking in the morning. Before we get going, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you can be notified every Monday when we come out with new videos.

All right, we're going to kick off this three-part series with the best sticks to smoke in the morning. Now, this is right up my alley because I'm a buttery, creamy Connecticut, Candela kind of guy as long as they're done right. We got about six sticks up here that we're going to get into, to discuss and describe, that make it unbelievable to be a part of this list for morning sticks.


First on this list we're going to get into, is probably one of the least expensive sticks that's made by Davidoff. It's called Back2Back and it's an Ecuadorian Connecticut, and this is a 6x60 so check that baby out. For those that don't know the history on this, there's a couple of street artists out of New York City that got together with Davidoff to make this line for them. The

y helped improve the old Zino Platinum and in so doing they gave them their own line called Back2Back. This sucker right here completely signifies what a Davidoff stick is all about but it does not break the bank. That's number one on the list.

Crux Epicure

All right, the next two sticks that I'm going to talk about are similar but only in name. The first one on this list is the Crux Epicure. Now, they talk about this as being creme brulee with a twist. Now, Crux has just gone through a complete re-vamping of their marketing, this new band, new boxes, and the new way that they package their five packs are pretty darn cool. Those of you that are not familiar with Crux, definitely check them out.

Now again, this is a creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut, it's smooth throughout, and the description that it describes itself as being a creme brulee with a twist really defines it well. This is perfect in the morning with that espresso, latte or just plain old cup of coffee.

Casdagli Club Mareva

Next on the list is Club Mareva by Casdagli Cigars. Now, mareva means corona in Spanish so this small ring gauge stick just exemplifies cream and butter throughout this beauty. This is a wonderful morning stick, gives you about 30 minutes of pleasure to get going with your cup of coffee, and it's a hell of a way to start your day so check out this beauty right here. Now, those who aren't familiar with Casdagli, they're formerly known as Bespoke in the states.

Hendrik Kelner, Jr. is the master blender on these babies. Those that know Davidoff know that Kelner and Kelner, Jr. Have been a part of that family for quite some time so this definitely is on the list for great morning sticks.

Dungarton Brulee

Next on the list is the Brulee by Mr. Steve Saka at Dunbarton. They do not come out with many Connecticuts, if at all. Steve is a big, heavy duty, full bodied stick so he came out with this brulee for us creamy Connecticut type lovers, and it has not disappointed. It's one of their best sellers by far. It's got that sweet brulee, sugary sweetness to your tongue, to your lips, and it's got that smooth creaminess throughout. For a good morning stick to start off with a great cup of coffee, the brulee does not disappoint.

Jake Wyatt Cigar Co. Lucid Interval

Again on this list that has to be considered, for those of you that have ever enjoyed a Candela cigar, the last two sticks are by a company called Jake Wyatt Cigars. Now, I've smoked a handful of Candelas in my life and most of them have that hay grass-type vibe. Now, this one right here is like a sweet green tea that with a cup of coffee keeps that buttery vibe. It gives you the pleasures of that morning cigar without a whole lot of bite, and creamy and smooth throughout. This is definitely on the list. For those that haven't tried it, this is a must. Check it out.

Jake Wyatt Cigar Co. Appendix II

Finally on this list is, again, by Jake Wyatt Cigar Company. I'm smoking one right here in the belicoso size and this is the Toro. It's an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and this is a vanilla buttery cream bomb. This is, by far, my go to stick right now and it's something that I cannot get enough of. First thing in the morning when I get into the office, when I take the dog for a walk, when I have that first cup of coffee, this is one of the best sticks that I could possibly recommend for you to enjoy for that morning time stick.

This list for us is a great way to start your AM's with, a great creamy cigar. Now, this isn't the only creamy sticks out there or the only morning cigars out there but, for me and Mardo Cigars, we definitely don't like starting the day with something super spicy or super heavy. We like to have that creamy, buttery vibe to go with that morning cup of coffee that starts the day up just right. This is six great sticks, as an example, that you cannot go wrong with.

Check them out at or your local cigar tobacconist anywhere in your little hometown. Enjoy them and start your day out with a great stick. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for watching Mondays with Mardo's. Now, don't forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and hit that thumbs up a little if you liked this video. We'll be seeing you next week on Mondays with Mardo's and have a great day everybody.