RoMa Craft Neanderthal

Introducing Roma Craft Neanderthal Cigars, an extraordinary collection of premium cigars that embody the essence of strength, complexity, and sheer elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Neanderthal cigars are designed to take aficionados on an unforgettable journey of flavors and sensations.


Each Neanderthal cigar is a testament to the artistry and expertise of RoMa Craft Tobac's master blenders. With a blend of carefully selected tobaccos sourced from around the world, including the finest Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves, these cigars deliver a rich, full-bodied smoking experience that captivates the senses.


The name "Neanderthal" is a nod to the primal power and raw intensity that these cigars possess. Just like their namesake, Neanderthal cigars are robust and unyielding, showcasing a blend of tobaccos that push the boundaries of flavor complexity. With a blend that combines strength and subtlety, they strike a perfect balance, allowing enthusiasts to savor the interplay of bold earthy notes, hints of spice, and a touch of sweetness.


Whether you're a seasoned aficionado seeking a new and captivating experience or a novice explorer delving into the world of premium cigars, RoMa Craft Neanderthal Cigars offer an unrivaled choice. Each smoke invites you to embrace the primal spirit within and embark on a sensory adventure that will leave a lasting impression.

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  • RoMa Craft Neanderthal RoMa Craft Neanderthal

    RoMa Craft Neanderthal HS

    What is this product? This Roma Craft Neanderthal HS is a boutique cigar that commands attention with its flat-capped construction and your choice of Mexican San Andres natural or maduro wrappers. However, what truly sets it apart is its intense potency,...
    $12.30 - $184.50
  • RoMa Craft Neanderthal KFG RoMa Craft Neanderthal KFG

    RoMa Craft Neanderthal KFG

    What is this product? RoMa Craft Neanderthal KFG stands out with its namesake coming from a cave in Germany where 40,000-year-old Neanderthal fossils were found. The cigar itself is a medium-bodied robusto with a Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper, a USA...
    $13.00 - $195.00
  • Single RoMa Craft Neanderthal LH Cigar RoMa Craft Neanderthal LH

    RoMa Craft Neanderthal LH

    What is this product? This Roma Craft Neanderthal LH is the latest addition to the Neanderthal line by RoMa Craft, featuring a beautiful box-pressed shape and a generous 56-ring gauge. The Neanderthal LH is a flat-capped pyramid cigar that comes in two...
    $15.00 - $225.00
  • Single Gordo RoMa Craft Neanderthal SGP Edition Single Gordo RoMa Craft Neanderthal SGP Edition

    RoMa Craft Neanderthal SGP

    What is this product? The Roma Craft Neanderthal cigar is a unique, flat-capped pyramid cigar available in two variations - natural or maduro wrapper made from Mexican San Andres tobacco. What sets this boutique cigar apart is its unparalleled...
    $10.50 - $157.50