Lucid Interval

Experience the extraordinary allure of Lucid Interval cigars by Jake Wyatt, a masterpiece that exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled flavor. The journey of Lucid Interval is an exploration of sensory delights, where the artistry of cigar making meets the perfect fusion of smooth cream and bold buttery tastes, all enclosed within an exquisite candela wrapper.


Every draw of Lucid Interval is a moment of revelation, offering a harmonious blend of flavors that enthrall the senses. The captivating aroma of this cigar beckons all aficionados, inviting them to indulge in a unique blend that must be savored to truly comprehend its greatness. Crafted with utmost care, the Lucid Interval stands as a testament to the art of cigar making and the dedication to providing a transcendent smoking experience.


Immerse yourself in the tasting notes that define the essence of Lucid Interval. Green tea, cedar, a hint of pepper, and cream create a symphony of flavor that dances across the palate with each puff. This blend offers an unforgettable journey for those seeking a cigar that truly stands apart from the rest.

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