Caldwell Cigar Co.

Welcome to the Caldwell Cigar Co. category, where exceptional caldwell cigars are crafted with passion and creativity. Established in 2014, Caldwell Cigar Company has a simple yet powerful agenda: to create special cigars using well-aged, rare tobaccos and to thoroughly enjoy the art of cigar-making.


Built on friendship and a spirit of fun, Caldwell Cigar Co. prioritizes three key goals: Creation, Innovation, and Ambition. Our commitment to these principles is reflected in every cigar we produce.


Using meticulously aged and rare tobaccos, Caldwell products offer consistent flavor and a remarkable experience year after year. Recognizing that tobacco, like any other crop, has its seasons, we take the utmost care in aging our tobaccos for extended periods. This meticulous process ensures unparalleled consistency and quality in every cigar we offer.

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