Padron Damaso

Padron has always been associated with a certain quality among cigar enthusiasts, and Padron Damaso is no exception. Clad in a luxurious Connecticut-seed wrapper, Padron Damaso presents an alluring blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers with a unique sweetness and depth of flavor that other cigars of its ilk cannot replicate. Light to medium-bodied, the Padron Damaso offers a palate-pleasing experience with gentle notes of cream, cedar and pepper mingling enticingly with subtle hints of spice. This harmonious combination results in an exquisite smoke, making Padron Damaso an ideal choice for any cigar aficionado looking to add a touch of elegance and refinement to their humidor. Even if you usually favor more robust offerings, Padron Damaso warrants your attention—you won’t be disappointed!

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