​How Dominican Cigars Are Made

​How Dominican Cigars Are Made

Posted by Leah Roberts on 7th May 2019

Under the right conditions, tobacco will grow just about anywhere; every tobacco-growing country has its own indigenous tobacco. However, in recent years, the Dominican Republic has easily become … read more

Interview With Sinistro Cigars Owner- James

Posted by Leah Roberts on 3rd Apr 2019

Thanksgiving of 2018 Gerard: Hey, everybody. What's going on? This is Gerard with Today I have here with me my personal friend and owner of Sinistro Cigars and also ow … read more
The Luxury of Sinistro Brand Cigars

The Luxury of Sinistro Brand Cigars

Posted by Makenzie Gorringe on 1st Mar 2019

Mardo Cigars offers a large assortment of brands, strengths, lengths, and flavors. Just about anything you’re looking for--we have it!One of the many brands that we offer is Sinistro- a fan favorite. … read more

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