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Mardo Abajian, namesake owner of Mardo's Cigars, is a true cigar aficionado and connoisseur of fine tobacco products. His 20 years in the cigar business have made him an expert on all aspects of cigar and tobacco culture and he loves answering customer's questions about his extensive collection. This is a collection Mardo Abajianof the most exquisite, rare and hard-to-find cigars, with the best prices. All Cigars listed on this website are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. A more extensive collection of cigars are available in the store. Call for pricing on cigars not listed. You can conveniently purchase any of these premium cigars online with easy and secured payment transactions. Allow 3-5 day delivery, and enjoy free shipping.

NOTICE. When ordering, the billing address must be the same address that the credit card is tied to. Also, the billing and shipping address must be the same. If they are different, please call us. We cannot ship to a P.O. box.

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Mardo's Technical Rating of a Cigar

To better enjoy, understand, feel and judge cigars you break it down into three categories.


  1. Power Scale
  2. Characteristics
  3. Finish

1. Power Scale

Power scale is the feel of the smoke in your mouth of how much it is concentrated or diluted. Mild, Medium, Full Bodied or on a number scale from 1 to 20 with 10 being medium. The strong or full body cigar makes you feel dizzy or an overwhelming intensity, while the milder ones or the lighter ones are like air.

2. Characteristics

Characteristics, is the most complex category to explain and describe a cigar. It can be on a nutty side or peppery and coffee side. Characteristics are also described with taste, aroma, smell, spices and a litany of other fantastic flavors. Whether ripe or unripe, easy or hard draw. Consistency and after taste also coincide with the characteristics of a cigar. Lots of arguments, lots of facts, lots of opinions surround the characteristics of a cigar.

3. Finish

Finish is the sensation of the smoke in your mouth that lingers on your palate, tongue and throat. It can be a soft finish. Semi soft finish, semi dry finish or dry finish which has a sandy or dusty dryness affect inside your palate.


These 3 categories are independent of each other and the preferences of a cigar are always subjective. N.B. = This kind of categories applies for other libations such as drinks.

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